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February 24, 2021

If you haven't yet read the post below from February 21 - READ THAT FIRST

Remember back when all the shill channels like RFB and Aplanetruth were supposedly getting their channels shut down? Their videos said “account has been removed”? They told everyone that their account getting shutdown meant that they were really legit? Then they had to go start a new one?

Well I am going to show why that was all a ploy in preparation for what’s really happening now.

People now have it in their minds that if someone gets locked out or censored, their channel will say something like “this channel has been removed or shut down”. So that is the thing people are looking for now to see if someone got kicked of twitter or Youtube.

Now I am going to tell you what they are really doing.

My last post was letting you all know that I found out my twitter was suspended. I was NOT notified. I didn’t get a date or a reason. And come to find out after researching the topic. it could be permanent. I just won’t know until… possibly forever because there’s no way to find out. Since there was no notification of when it was suspended or for how long, I don’t know.

But the clever thing is, they didn’t delete my account. My account is still there and no one would know anything happened. They just won’t let me tweet or post anything. I also don’t think they are even allowing the links I posted in my tweets to take people to my youtube channel. Unless people see a notice that your account has been removed, they don’t know that you’ve been silenced!

They want people to think that being shut out is having your account deleted. But its NOT that at all. You’re account is still visible and your prior tweets are visible but you can’t send out ANYTHING else. So people won’t know that someone has been shut out. People will keep going to your account for a while, not knowing anything is wrong, and eventually they will stop going to it when they don’t hear from you. So you just fade away in people’s minds instead of having a big red flag saying “HEY! THEY’VE LOCKED ME OUT!”

That is why those shills did all that a couple of years ago! For people to look for “the account has been removed” to know that someone has been banned! They know that people operate off habits. They get used to certain routines. They get used to checking the people they regularly hear from. But with this method, you just fade away in people’s minds. People have no way of knowing how many people have been shut out and silenced! It just looks like you aren’t posting.

So its much, much worse than having your account deleted. This is how clever they are! Do you see? Now it all makes sense. With time, it usually does but by then it’s too late. This is why I am telling people to check my website once a week. Get in the habit of checking.

Because they are doing the same thing on Youtube now. If you get a strike, you can’t post. The more strikes you get, the longer it is until you can post again. You’re account is still there but you can’t put up anything new. If I do get suspended from posting on Youtube, the only way you will know is by coming to my website. But most people won’t do it or they will forget because they are busy watching other stuff on youtube - you know the stuff that they aren’t threatened by?

I recently took a pole on my community page where I asked how many people won’t even come look at my public page on my site, whether it be they just don’t want to leave Youtube for anything or they’re just mad that I went to a private site. A good chunk of people chose option B and C, saying they wouldn’t even come look over here. Wouldn’t even come look at free information!! Do you see what I’m saying? This is what they count on!

So please, come check once a week or every day. I will post it if anything more happens. But if same thing happens with my youtube, wouldn’t you want to know?

February 21, 2021


Here we go!  You all probably know that I barely use my twitter account.  So it was shocking to me today that when I logged in, I could not write or send any tweets.  I couldn't even access my notifications.  All I saw was a tiny blip at the bottom of the page saying I could not access my account because my account was suspended.  But I was NOT notified of this suspension, nor was I given a reason for this suspension.  I couldn't even find anything on my notifications that said my account was suspended or what violation caused it.  I barely ever use my twitter account.  But the last time I tweeted was to reply to @NickHintonn who was misrepresenting the EMPCOE on his twitter page.  He also had blocked my replies before I even found his twitter posts about the EMPCOE, let alone tried to comment on it!

I do not know if this was the bullshit reason for the suspension or what it was.  I never tweet anything attacking someone.  I am very careful to choose my words when replying.  I simply asked this person why they were blocking me and why they were misrepresenting the EMPCOE.  Whether or not this was the reason, it doesn't matter.  What matters is that we are in the slow shutout of anyone who they don't want having a voice.  One of those people is obviously me.  They don't even need a reason.  The only real reason is to hide what's coming and keep it from the people.  It's going to happen on Youtube too, sooner rather than later.   Times are getting interesting.   You'll be seeing even more things you never though would become reality.

Whether you like me or not, agree with me or not, you should be very concerned that this is what's happening now.  Because it will definitely prevent YOU from hearing the things you need to be hearing about, when you NEED to be hearing it.

To see what I have posted in the past, you can find me at @mypeachymia

February 14, 2021

I never used to care much for holidays like Valentines Day. I looked at it as just an invented corporate holiday to promote consumerism and make people spend money. If I was single, it just reminded me of how alone I felt. If I was with a significant other, it reminded me of how unfulfilled I felt even with a partner. I knew I couldn’t be alone in feeling that way though. It seemed that nothing good came from Valentine’s Day. But I am always learning and growing as a person, moving through this thing we call life.

Now I look at Valentines Day differently, because it actually means something to me now. For those of you who don’t know, Brian and I talked on the phone for the first time exactly three years ago today. Eleven days later we met in person for the first time and we haven’t been apart since. So we celebrate 2 anniversaries, today being the first of the two. I didn’t even realize that it was Valentine’s Day at the time when I first called him. It wouldn’t have really occurred to me because I didn’t know what was to come out of that phone call. I thought I was just calling someone who had some important topics they wanted me to cover on my channel. I was just giving him time to hear him out, to hear what he had to say. I was very flippant about the call. I was driving home from work and doing errands as we spoke. 🙂

The first time we spoke we both knew that it would be way more than a business arrangement. And so we planned on how we could get to be together, as he lived over 1,000 miles away from me at the time. Now there were a lot of people who gave me a hard time about how fast we moved. I mean, I moved him in with me 11 days later. I invited him to come down and stay with me, never having met him in person. Most people would say that’s not a smart thing. If I had been of a weaker character, I may have allowed people to influence my decision. But I had already learned to be strong. I learned to follow my gut and had had time over the previous years where I practiced being true to myself, through some tough life experiences. It wasn’t just people in my life that tried to influence me. Subscribers in the youtube community had flooded my inbox with emails, trying to warn me about Brian, after we got together, telling me I was making a big mistake, to be careful, calling him a narcissist (whatever that means), a freemason or government agent, and many other things, like they actually knew him in life. Like they knew the real him better than I did by living with him everyday. People who’s only knowledge of us was what we shared publicly on our channels, and that’s not much. This went on for almost the first year we were together.

If anything, the fact that it DID work out, only reaffirmed that the only person you need to trust is yourself. And that the only person who lives your life is YOU, so why would you let someone else run it for you? Why would you allow someone else’s opinions out way your own knowing? And sometimes if people are not truly happy, they don’t want you to be happy. It’s hard for people to be happy for other people’s happiness, when they don’t have it.

Meeting Brian when I did, the way I did, also taught me that anything is possible. Well now here we are, three years later and we are still inseparable. Every day that I’ve gotten to spend with Brian has been a gift. And at the time, we weren’t sure how many days or years we would actually get to have, knowing the EMPCOE was looming in our future. I knew no matter how much time we did get, that I would appreciate it and never take it for granted. He’s been, by far, the most intelligent, witty, exciting, loyal, trustworthy, funny, and loving person I have ever been with. He actually showed me what real love looks like by showing me through his actions, not by just telling me. A quote he likes to use comes to mind, “Deeds... not words”. We’ve connected on every level, as we not only live as loving partners, but we are business partners as well. We see the world in the same way. We see the same deceptions and lies so it’s nice to have someone you can talk to about anything. I never have to worry that he’ll think I’m nuts because of the things I think or say, and neither does he. He’s truly my rock.

Something I have never told everyone is that for several years before I met Brian, I wrote an intention list about once a week, about what I wanted in a partner. An intention list (for those who don’t know) is where you write down on paper what you want, in any area of life. It could be what you want in a job, your family, your social life, your spiritual life, etc. So I would sit down and write down what my perfect partner would be like. Everything I wanted, as detailed as I could be. There was a long period of time when I wondered if it would ever work! But I stuck to it anyway, because I did know that “where attention goes, energy flows”. I had seen it work in my life. My life transformed when I focused my mind on what I wanted, instead of what I didn’t want. It did eventually work because when I wasn’t expecting it, Brian entered my life. It just took longer than I had hoped.

We would never have been able to build what we’ve now built, on our own. We had to come together to do this. Together, we have the perfect balance, with what each of our strengths and weaknesses are. Yes, we are human so we do have weaknesses. We also have amazing strengths. We do make mistakes but I don’t expect us to be perfect. We have lived the past three years together learning as we go. Learning through experience has been our greatest teacher. We took chances. Some things we tried didn’t work. Some things did. Sometimes life has to get messy for you to find the lessons in it. Sometimes the beauty is found in the messiness. But one thing is for sure, we weren’t afraid to LIVE the life we still had. We weren’t afraid to try new things. We carved a new path, instead of taking any of the ones already traveled.

We got out ground breaking information to the public. We taught people about how the world really works and we taught them about the EMPCOE. We got to teach people THE REAL TRUTH. It feels really good to just "air out" the truth to the world! We are still teaching people about the truth. We started our channels from nothing with no plugs or promotions from other networks of people. And anyone who has ever tried to gain an audience on Youtube would know how extremely difficult it really is! We started our websites from nothing and made them into amazing communities. We have members and subscribers from around the world. People on the site in France can talk to people in California or Israel, or Japan, or the United Kingdom, or South Africa! No one on Youtube would be even talking about “plasma”, the new buzz word of the past few years, if we hadn’t have put out his 100% Correct Working Model, together. No one would be using the term EMPCOE or plasma apocalypse (though people completely butcher it). No one would even know what's coming, nor would they know the details of how it works. We did that!

Having pride in what you do and who you are is not a bad thing. I am proud of what we have done. I am proud of what we are still doing. And I am proud to call Brian my other half, my soulmate, my greatest love and my partner. So today, I wanted to share this with you all but mostly I wanted to write this to share I how feel with him. I probably don’t tell him enough and I should. Even though I can’t find the words to ever describe what he means to me and how he has changed my life. Getting to him was not easy. I had to go through a lot of hell to have what I have today. I know many people still feel very alone, whether they are with someone who they can’t connect with anymore or they haven’t found that someone. My heart goes out to those people because that was me once. The only thing I can tell you is that you have to take an active part in your own life instead of a passive approach. You have to take risks. Sometimes it’s scary. Actually, a lot of the time it’s scary for me. But you just do it anyway. Nothing changes if nothing changes.

So to everyone out there, Happy Valentines Day! If you don’t have someone to love, then go find someone to love. Because love is what this whole journey that we call life is about.

February 2, 2021

It takes a darn tough person to be humble while seeking the truth.  There's plenty of people that are humble but also complacent.  You call them sheeple.  They are perfectly fine with believing the delusion of this life.  They fall back on the excuse, "Well what do I know?  They would know better than me!"   They use humility as an excuse to not have to think for themselves.  They use it as a crutch.

Those are not the people I'm talking about though.  I'm talking about keeping humility while having the desire to know the truth about this physical world that we live in.  You cannot fully answer the spiritual questions (if you are the type that has them) until you understand the truth about your physical world. Who am I?  What am I?  When am I?  Where am I?  Why am I?  How am I?  Who is doing what?  Why are they doing it?  Where do I fit in with all that?  What is the truth?  You can't know the answers to the bigger questions until you understand your physical world.

I'm talking about having that that thing that burns within you that won't let you rest or know peace until you know the real answers.  That's what I'm talking about.  I'm not talking about some half ass seeking effort.  The kind that will listen to someone else explain something and even thought it doesn't make sense, even though they have no tangible truth, you say "Well that's a nice answer from a nice, honest fellow. They seem honest and earnest.  That's good enough for me!  That must be it."  I'm talking about using your brain.  Putting in the effort.  Not being intellectually lazy or borrowing other people's theories and taking them as your own.

I'm talking about the hard search for PROOF.  Does anyone even know what that is anymore?  Are people so conditioned to not think anymore, that they think where they find "truth" is by listening to the ones who have letters after their name, a title before their name, or some type of book deal, or those who have any kind of prestige?  I'm talking about never taking another person's word on something, no matter who it is or much smarter you think they are than you.  That you keep going until you can understand it.

I'm talking about handling coming to the acceptance that the lie was much more comfortable than the truth.   Hence why they lie about everything.  I'm talking about facing it, no matter how ugly it may be.  No matter how bizarre it may sound.  No matter how far it was from what you thought it would be.  No matter how many times you have to start over.  No matter how the answers may make you "feel".  That's the place that so many who start out on this journey, never get to.

It's not about Brian and I at all.  It's not even remotely about whether we should or should not be trusted.  In fact, DON"T trust us.  If you just believe us and take our word on something that you can't find hard evidence of, you're doing the EXACT same thing that those who you call "sheeple" are doing.  Only you are taking our word for it (or whomever else it is you blindly "trust") while the rest of the world take's the mainstream "expert's" word, the authority's word, instead.

You're desire to know the truth must exceed the desire to prove yourself right.  Through your entire lifetime!  Not only in the beginning and then when you feel you know enough, you stop.  Humility is the only thing that brought Brian and I to the truth we know today.  We both had to admit we were wrong more times than you can count.  I wouldn't have been ready 10 years ago, 5 years ago, 3 years ago... Because I had to get to a new level of humility.  I had to let go of a lot more things I was so sure of, yet again to get to this point.  It was painful.  But I did it.  So many get to the point where it's painful and they give in.

Humility is the cornerstone of learning the truth.  How many people can say "I was wrong"?  "I actually didn't know that."  Or "I thought I had it figured out but now I have to go back to the drawing board"?  So many will fight to defend their beliefs no matter how wrong they are.  They will attack the messengers who try to point out the lack of proof they actually have.  They resort to name calling because that's what people do when they lack the ability to state their case with evidence.  They want to believe what they now believe.  They don't want to learn anything new now.  They get stuck.  Stagnant.  They stop being "open".

The road gets narrow, doesn't it?  Where the rubber meets the road is how many can continually humble themselves.  When people stop standing on their soap boxes trying to say "Look at me! Look at me!  I knew all this already!  Hey guys, hey guys, look at what I found!  This is my area of expertise so y'all should listen to me!"  And it wasn't even your original idea.  You heard it somewhere else from someone else and you decided it was now yours.  If you are doing that, you are not "there" yet.  And if you keep that attitude, you never will be.

January 23, 2021

Membership is closed but the site is still running and I am still here with things to say!

Is there an end really in sight for COVID restrictions? I don’t know. They are going to blame not fully opening back up on not enough people getting vaccinated (hence the anti-vax movement they started).  They are the ones who pushed the anti-vax movement and now do you see why?  They have to create excuses for drawing all of this out until the EMPCOE.

Now they are claiming all these COVID variants and mutations.  This is so they can then blame the mutations for the reason that life can't go back to normal. They'll say that the vaccination may or may not protect against these new forms of the "virus" and that's why you still need to wear your mask, social distance, keep clubs and bars closed, prevent gatherings, etc.

This is going to go on and on like in the movie Songbird where life was severely altered years later after the “virus” appeared. Maybe in some places they’ll taunt people by dangling moving through re-opening phases but you all know how that goes, no place ever really ever opened back up.   Anyone who's been in the military knows that this is what they do.  They tell you you'll go home in 3 more weeks, then 2 more weeks, then just one more month, and so on and so forth.  Pretty soon people won't even remember what life was like pre-2020!  They'll be so used to this "new normal".  They've been doing it for a year now already!!

“Just hand on a little longer” they say. “We can do this together.” “Just 2 more weeks.” “Just a few more weeks.” "Maybe this next summer we'll have it under control."  “This is what we really need to do to end the pandemic.” “Biden is going to fix everything!” “No worries. We got this.”

Meanwhile small businesses are sinking in massive numbers.  There will be no more left. You'll need a vaccine passport to shop in the only businesses left - corporations.  You won't be able to fly, take public transportation, shop, work, anything without it.  It WILL be mandatory and they will break people down to the point where they have no choice if they want to live in society.  How do they drag this on as long as possible?  Say enough people aren't vaccinated.  Divide people even more than they already are.  Blame will go back and forth as to the reason we can't get back to normal.  Yup, it goes deep. It’s all planned way in advance. Here we are a year later and it doesn’t look like life will ever be the same.

It's time to do some serous contemplation.  You have to ask yourself, why would they do all this?  It's not usher in a new world order.  There's been one already since the creation of the UN in 1945 people!!!  It's much, much bigger than that.  It's preparation for the EMPCOE.

All signs point to a massive censorship of all dissent on major social media platforms.  They are going into high gear to remove it all.  Be grateful that you have gotten to hear some raw truth before it all goes away, even our content!  It's all going away folks.  Soon.  Learn all you can now before its all gone.

January 12, 2021

3 days left until membership closes!

Todays lesson - Credentials

Today we are going to talk about “the experts”.  We are going to talk about credentials.

We are told that COVID19 is out of control!  It’s surging!  It’s causing sickness and death on a massive scale.  We’ve seen nothing like this since the (completely fabricated) 1918 Spanish flu!  This is why they say they’ve just had to lockdown the population, enact curfews, ban concerts, clubs, fans at sports games, discourage gatherings, shut down restaurants, beaches, state parks, kill the travel and tourism industry, keep everyone socially distanced, etc. etc etc.

But have you SEEN any overwhelmed hospitals?  Have you SEEN bodies in the streets?  Have you SEEN any visual proof of what they are claiming?  NO!  That is what I am getting at.  They only tell us that this is happening.  The media, the “experts", the puppets, the celebrities, the ones bought and paid for…. They tell people enough, over and over, and it becomes real.  BUT if you go by what you can see and experience, there’s nothing happening except for their draconian measures and the slow destruction of people's financial security.

Are there any real experts saying what the media is telling us they are saying?  I don’t know.  But if there are any that actually believe this nonsense, you need to understand where experts and credentialed people come from.

I will use the analogy of domesticated dogs in competition.  There are many highly revered, credentialed dogs out there.  They are groomed and trained to compete in many different areas - speed, agility, strength, etc.  They get the blue ribbons for being the best in their tested field.  They get credentials.  Are these dogs the most intelligent independent thinkers in the world?  NO.  They are held on a pedestal because they are the most TRAINABLE.

It is the same in the world of humans, within the pyramid structure of control.  Humans are not the most intelligent creatures, they are highly trainable.  The "experts" aren’t the ones out there working against the educational system to prove where it has gone wrong or to find the truth.  They are the most highly trained.  What are they trained in?  What the establishment has deemed to be the truth!  They have the most years of study in what the controllers want to be taught and they can recite it the best.  They have memorized better than the rest.  You don’t get credentialed for seeking the truth.  You get credentialed by towing the party line.  Anyone who wants to disprove the things the controllers have deemed as facts, gets laughed at, humiliated, ruined, and tossed out.  They DO NOT get credentials.  They certainly don’t get the opportunity to get their voice heard on a massive scale through any media.

Do the years of study mean that credentialed people know more than us?  Does it mean that they are smarter than us?  NO.  It means they have more time conditioned in the system. The system does not allow anyone to diverge from what they want to be accepted as truth.  NO ONE rises in any area of the pyramid of our world unless they go along with the status quo.  They do what they are told and they do not make waves!

The military is the best microcosm to use as an example of how our world works.  No matter how smart or skilled you may be, you only rise in ranks due to your obedience of the authority above you.

Even if someone who was credentialed was trying to claim something different, why would I take their word for anything?  They have a harder time breaking free of their conditioning because they’ve had more of it and for a longer period of time!

When you refer to anyone with credentials to prove a point, you might as well hand over your own brain and say “Well they know better than me”!

Credentials only prove that someone has handed over their own independent thought for some money, prestige and accolades. This goes for any area of study in life, from doctors practiced in western medicine, to alternative naturopath experts, to science, astrology, education, history, and all the rest.  It also goes for the people who claim to have inside knowledge or credentials that you listen to on Youtube!

I am proud to not be credentialed.

So when you hear what the system claims as "an expert” is saying on anything, someone the system holds in high esteem, run in the other direction!

January 6, 2021

Today's lesson - Dissecting COVID19 Tests

I can't say this on my Youtube videos but my stance is and has been, that there is NO COVID19.  I have investigated this topic since "they" first focused on it on the media at the beginning of 2020.  Still to this day, I have not seen any indisputable proof that it exists, at least not in the way they claim it does.  Or that anyone is getting "sick" from anything other than the regular old cold or flu's that existed before COVID19.  That doesn't mean that the drastic actions taken under the belief of a pandemic are any less real.  It also doesn't mean that there will never be a real illness that plagues humanity in the near future. And if there is something that starts to cause people to experience real symptoms in the near future, it doesn't mean for certain that it will be caused by a virus.

When you have a full grasp of how the world really works, you can see how the controllers have pulled something like this off.  Let's take COVID19 tests for example. One of people's arguments is that there are real tests out there giving real positive results.  You can even see for yourself whether it comes up positive or not.  That should tell you it's real right?  Wrong!  You may ask, am I saying that all doctors are in on it?  I would say no, I am not saying that.

Where do you think COVID tests are made?  The source of COVID tests can be traced to very few places!  The only ones who would be "in the know" as to what these tests actually test for, would be a select few high level employees at the company(s) that make them.  Legal contracts, a topic I cover in my Masters and Controllers series, are what keep secrets hidden and keep people in line.  All they need are legal nondisclosure contracts to keep top level scientists or executives quiet.  Due to compartmentalization, a topic I also cover in my series, even the people working at these companies are kept in the dark so they would not know what the tests are actually testing for.  Their tasks being specialized to keep anyone from knowing what the others are doing.  It keeps the true mission hidden.  We know that there are tests and that those tests come up positive or negative but we don't really know what the test is testing for.  Therefore, we don't know what is truly causing a "positive result". It could be testing for any number of things.  But you go to the doctor, get tested and BAM - positive result!  The doctor believes it.  You believe it.  This means it must be real?  Then that positive test gets added to the statistics and there you get your millions of "infected citizens" (most without symptoms of course).  Those with symptoms may just have the cold or flu that seems to have vanished all of a sudden in place of everyone having COVID.  Oh, and guess who keeps the official tally of COVID statistics?  John Hopkins University - the same ones who ran EVENT 2(0)1!  Hmmmm......

Right now on my current private website series:

I am now covering the topic of creatures and bipedal beings of all types of size variances, myths, legends and folklore and... Giants!  Backed up with facts from the the 100% Correct Working Model, on my Masters and Controllers series!