****As of June 22, 2020, I am currently releasing some private website content on my public YouTube Channel!  But, I won't be releasing everything.  The rest is only available in my website.  






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My email: finallypresent@yahoo.com

What you will get on my website:

All new video content for members only, including:

  • NEW Masters and Controllers series
  • Decoding of current events like the truth behind COVID 19, Kobe Bryant 's death, The George Floyd killing, and other topics
  • Decoding of current strange phenomena
  • Decoding media stories/deceptive tactics of the controllers
  • EMPCOE Early Warning Signs
  • EMPCOE Preparation Topics
  • SpaceX Deception series
  • Discussion series with Brian
  • Answers to questions from members on a variety of topics

Discussion Forum Topics:

  • EMPCOE Survival
  • COVID-19 Updates/Latest Measures/Collapse of Economy
  • Current EMPCOE Signs and progression of preliminary events
  • Masters and Controllers Series
  • Signs In The Sky/Early Warning Signs
  • SpaceX Deception
  • Emotional, mental and spiritual support
  • Health truths
  • Meet and greet other members

Entire collection of work that propelled my Youtube channel to over 40,000 subscribers, and my videos gaining 100's of thousands of views, busting the truther community deception wide open, gaining the attention of the controllers who started suppressing my videos, with topics that cover:

  • Health truths/Big Pharma Deceptions
  • Pet Health
  • Movie Decodings
  • NASA/SpaceX Deceptions
  • Money's influence over our world, corruption and indoctrination
  • Spiritual, mental and emotional support- When faced with the truth
  • Truth community issues, deceptions, infiltration and lies
  • Youtube bullshit

The Truth You Have Been Denied

On this website, you will learn the truth about the deception that has plagued humanity for eons.  I started this site to be able to dedicate bringing you the truth on a full time basis.  It has led me to be what I'd call an Independent Researcher/Journalist.  I WORK FOR NO ONE AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH.  The 'truth community" is anything but the truth.  The platforms where people think they can find the truth, are run by the same controllers who have deceived humanity for an eternity.  It was a set up from the very start.  The only partnership I have is with Brian, because he is the one who had 100% of the truth I was searching for and he is, and will always be, the love of my life.  I research the truth that has been hidden and present it to you in a way that is short, concise and easy to understand.  People just don't have time for 2-3 hour videos anymore.  The blue sky system has us all running most of time, trying to keep up with the silly nonsense we need to do just to survive.  The truths we will be divulging are priceless and we know that.  Stick with us.  You will definitely see why.

THE EMPCOE - THE most important thing discussed on this site as well as my partner Brian's site, is the coming Electromagnetic Plasma Changeover Event.  It was what EVERYTHING IS ABOUT.  It is the biggest secret kept from humanity and is told countless times in movies, songs, shows, etc. It is the naturally reoccurring catastrophe that has happened since the beginning of time.  Brian and I show you the truth about your hidden history and prove its existence, that is coming again soon.

I was always driven to go all the way with seeking the truth.  That drive paid off, and I found what I was looking for.  Now I want to share it with you!

Much love,


What my members have to say about this site...

"You have to watch Mia's Masters and Controllers series!!!  It is brilliant.  I thought I was "awake" but boy was I wrong!  I had no idea how deep the deception really was.  From watching the Masters and Controllers series I think I finally truly understand the world.  I can see things for myself now and I see it everywhere.  I finally understand the events going on in the world today, where before I would have been caught up in the many distractions of the Youtube community shills.  They never encouraged me to think for myself, that is for sure!  I can never thank Brian and Mia enough for opening my eyes for the first time.  I had been searching with little progress for 20 years."

"Mia & Brian, All I can say is WOW WOW WOW.  The videos you both make are wonderfully fantastic!!! I watched your channels since the beginning but I was hesitant to join.  I’ve never joined any other website group.  I thought I was clever enough to figure out what was important through watching Youtube.   But like you always say, “Watching videos on Youtube is not research!”  I also remember you saying Brian that you never figured out any of the model or other answers by watching Youtube videos.  My pride kept me from admitting that I needed help.  When the lockdowns started in March of 2020, that was my wakeup call.  Life was dramatically changed forever.  At that point I knew that we were close to the empcoe and I was no closer to the answers.  I don’t know that I can survive the empcoe.  I am in my 50’s with health problems.  But I know since being in your websites that I have learned more of the truth than I ever could have alone.  I feel less alone being a part of this community.  When I look back on what I have spent my money on over the years, I realize I was being prideful, stubborn and stingy by not joining!  What I’ve gotten in return is so much more valuable than money.  I can’t ever thank you enough for doing a brilliant job at breaking down the illusion and teaching me to think again!"

"It took me years to find this site and Brian’s info.
I think I am one of very few people who gather info on Flat Earth here in Japan. I may be the only one who knows about Brian, Mia, and this site.  Talking about truth is so hard. That is why I was looking for real science with real experiments that is observable and repeatable. I was lucky to get to know Mr. Lambert and Mia’s platform where I can learn such experiments and talk about it with open minded people!"

"Hey everybody, I’m happy as shit to be here with you all. I’ve never donated money on any platform and I did so for the first time here and with Brian with no hesitation. Like many of you Brian’s model clicked instantly. I’ve read all your comments and I’m quite sure all of us have felt like a square peg in a round hole looking at life and society as an outsider.  HUUUGE thanks you you Mia for putting this together. I feel a little less alone now."

"Thank you Mia for creating this platform for the real ones that grasp what you & Brian are generously revealing. I leave comments in bunches on variety’s of channels pointing folk in the right direction. I found your channel through Brian. My hindsight says I came across your channel early in my awakening, just wasn’t the right moment. I suppose it would not surprise me. For nearly 2 years straight I watched, read, & took it all in. I’m 25, so you can speculate the fresh college grads around me in no realm understood the severity of going through an awakening. I know it varies for everyone. Thank God for you guys. I wouldn’t want to go through those motions ever again. Early on I wrote a novel on Facebook & ruined a hefty portion of the cattle I could have reached. Throughout the months added in that (Brian’s famous words) “those people will never hear you.” I also told Brian I put his model together almost seamlessly, which was not the truth haha. Every single vid from you both I’m left with a paralyzing aroma of magnificence."

"Hey! Very happy to gave made it thus far. I’m in New York. I’m 56 yrs old. My family thinks I’m crazy. I know I am. Lol.

Found with Mia and Brian what I have been searching for all my conscious life. I want to live and die KNOWING.

Have always shunned main stream as I never fit ” in”."

"Im a science teacher (I’m not proud of lying every day… every single day…) I speculated about a flat earth when I was in college studying the sky at 22 years old, but finished all of my bullshit physics and geology classes anyway to get a job so I can buy land to live off of. I am Native American and have been studying botanical medicine and nature life skills years before I found Brian’s channel. Many of the topics in Brian’s model were in my mind for years but with no rhyme or reason; as soon as I watched his videos, everything clicked and I knew in my soul that he was 100 percent correct. Thank you Brian and Mia for being so candid and real! Fuck YouTube!"

"I am so happy to finally have awake people to talk to!!! Thank you Mia and Brian for putting this together. I am so happy we have this community to interact with, even if it’s only online. It’s such a lonely path when you’re on the search for truth. Regardless, I have trekked on and I’m so happy to have landed here. I look forward to the new information and to speaking with people that get it."